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Since every client has different challenges, needs and wants, I offer both RTT® and EFT coaching and therapy methods. I have found them both very helpful and know that you could benefit from them too. 


To be able to help you the best way I can, we always start with a discovery call to see if we match. From this call on we decide how to approach your challenge. We schedule a therapy session, online or in person, from where we start a the process towards a better mental well-being. I speak Swedish, Finnish and English.


30 day program

This 30 day program is effective for most common challenges, like insomnia, stop smoking, anxiety, procrastination and confidence. Challenges like self-esteem, weight loss might require 2 or 3 sessions.

I will help  you to identify and interpret the root cause that is holding you back and install new, more empowering beliefs, to help you start living a full and authentic life.

The package includes:

  • 45 min coaching call

  • 2h RTT® therapy session

  • Personalized audio recording

  • 30 min follow-up call

  • 30 days email support

Tailored programs

If the 30 days program isn't a fit for you, we will tailor a program. The goal is for you to gain new understanding and awareness of deeply rooted emotions and experiences that affect your life today.


I will help  you to identify and interpret the root cause that is holding you back and install a new, more empowering beliefs, to help you start living a full and authentic life.

The tailored package may include:

  • coaching calls

  • RTT® therapy sessions

  • personalized audio recording

  • EFT training 

  • etc

Image by Julian Hochgesang

"RTTutilizes the leading scientific principles of neuroplasticity to enable the creation of new neural pathways in the mind."

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

RTT® is a therapy form that delivers fast, effective, and long-lasting results. It focuses on getting to the root of the client's issue during the first session.


"Within 1-3 sessions most client's issues are resolved."

It is a solution focused form of therapy, where the client is guided towards the desired outcome without dwelling too much upon the past. However, finding and understanding the root cause is essential to letting go of old beliefs. The approach provides people with the tools they need to make positive change. Instead of focusing on the issue or challenge, like other therapies, RTT® helps the client discover the origin of the beliefs and behaviors that have led to their issue.  Using a unique set of tools and techniques, RTT® supports the client in transforming their current issue and moving forward with a new set of more beneficial and positive believes.

"By giving the client the potential to alter the way they think
and put an end to negative self-talk, they can approach life in a positive way
and move forward."

This personalized approach helps clients to reframe any negative beliefs, values, habits, and emotions – many of which stem from early childhood. Often, these negative beliefs have been so deeply buried in the subconscious mind that one is unaware of how they are affecting us today.

The roots of RTT® are in traditional psychotherapy such as gestalt, solution focused and cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy and mindfulness. The tools and techniques  were developed by renowned therapist Marisa Peer over the course of her 30-year career. Through hands-on experience, Marisa was able to establish something that created real change, with real clients, in real sessions.



How Does RTT Work?


RTT® does not rely solely on positive reinforcement, like traditional hypnotherapy.

It goes beyond this and focuses on identifying how, where and when unhelpful beliefs and behaviors were formedIt then utilizes the leading scientific principles of neuroplasticity to enable the creation of new neural pathways in the mind.


What Should I Expect from a Session?


As an RTT® professional I will help you reach a deeply relaxed state to enable you to focus on past events. I will work alongside with you to uncover the meaning and interpretation you created at the time and the beliefs you formed. You can then move on to reframe the way you look at the past from your adult perspective today.


Once that has been achieved, I will help you to create new, positive beliefs. This will be reinforced with a personalized audio for you to listen to for 21-30 days to establish beneficial change moving forward.


In this video clip Marisa Peer herself gives a presentation of RTT® (the video is in English). Please feel free to contact me to book your discovery call. I am here to help you!​​

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT, also called tapping, has been proved to help people process difficult emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better and also recover from certain physical problems. 


Tapping is based on traditional chinese medicine and modern psychology. It is sometimes also called emotional acupressure, since it utilizes the same

Studies have shown that tapping lowers cortisol in your body up to 43 %. High levels of this stress hormone is linked to anxiety, weight gain, sleep problems, lack of motivation, chronic pain, stomach issues, and depression. Tapping can improve all of these conditions and also improve your immune system and your productivity and mood.

How does EFT work


With the help from a coach, the client taps on the endpoints of the meridians, while highlighting the problem perception by it in detail. Expressing to himself with the help of an EFT coach. The tapping sends calming signals to the nervous system and further on to the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain. As a result of the tapping, the body starts to act and react in a different and more balanced way.  

Tapping Points

This picture shows the tapping points used in EFT. You can find this picture and more information about EFT on the website of the tapping solution. 

Image by Julian Hochgesang
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