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Mountain Cliff Hiker

Are you feeling

  • stressed 

  • anxious 

  • not confident enough to go after what you want in life?


Do you want to

  • lose weight

  • stop smoking or

  • feel good about being you?

​I can provide a solution. You don’t have to wait long to

  • feel empowered

  • have confidence and high self esteem

  • feel good about yourself

  • truly believe in your future

  • have a voice


​The results of this training and therapy are powerful and life changing. YOU can become stronger, more courageous and self-assured.


Are you ready to start your healing journey?

Discover the root cause of your challenges and change your thinking

I can help you with limiting beliefs, physical symptoms, addictions , in order to start a healing process and to overcome obstacles that seems impossible. 


As humans, we are formed by both genetics, upbringing and society and it is often hard to understand how this has affected us.


I guide my clients to understand the origin of their beliefs and behaviours and help them to understand and let go of them, and then install new updated, powerful beliefs. Confident and content thoughts, that help them live a happier and more fulfilling life. 



Linda Tallroth-Paananen

RTT® and EFT

I am a certified RTT therapist and EFT trainer. I myself have greatly benefited from this kind of therapy and I am certain that you will to. 

My personal experience

"I have  been there myself. Suffering from a series of burnouts that originated from my feeling of not being good enough. 


I have felt like an outsider, been depressed, anxious and exhausted. Divorce, challenging relationships and losing a job has made me broken and miserable.


I understand where you're coming from."

My Clients Say

Pekka, I warmly recommend your hypnotherapy. It helped me find and stabilize my self-esteem and strength in a situation where my self confidence sometimes failed. 


During the the hypnosis I returned in time to three different occasions and experiences that have affected  my self esteem. By reliving them and the emotions associated with them, I gained new insights and perspectives leading to new thoughts or believings about myself. The meditative audio files that you generated for me, and that I listened to for 28 days, helped me create new pathways in my mind about myself and my daily life. 


Now six months later I notice that I value myself more and that the dip that I used to experience in that specific situation is healed. You are a credible and skilled hypnotherapist with good presence.

Man, 46 years

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